ABBOTT RANCH in the Nebraska Sandhills has a very rich history and legacy, but we also would like to encourage visitors to gain insight into our current ranching practices in the United States, as well as view the variety of wildlife and livestock that we offer in the Nebraska Sandhills, first-hand.

Below are a few of the "main attractions" as you could call it of ABBOTT RANCH. We are always welcoming and accommodating visitors from all over the world to our little piece of paradise, so please feel free to contact us to visit with your family, friends, or just yourself!


The irregular dunes and sandy soils are so distinct within the Great Plains that is warrants the Nebraska Sandhills to be its own ecoregion. Portions of the Sandhills are dotted with small lakes and wetlands, but can still be distinguished from other tallgrass and mixed grass areas because of a combination of physiography, soils, elevation, surface water characteristics, and natural vegetation. Precipitation and temperature are typically mild, providing a nice experience for visitors no matter the time of year. The Sandhills also sits atop one of the world's largest natural aquifers, The Ogallala Aquifer.

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The Snake River is a 126-mile-long tributary of the Niobrara River that is entirely located within the Sandhills of north-central Nebraska. It flows eastward into Cherry County and is dammed to form Merritt Reservoir near Valentine, Nebraska.

The Snake River runs along the northern part of ABBOTT RANCH, providing water for our cattle when they are in the summer ranges of the ranch. The river also serves as entertainment for visitors, as well as family and friends, through canoeing trips, fishing, camping, and swimming near the falls!


ABBOTT RANCH is home to lots of native wildlife including deer, antelope, pheasants, and more. The Snake River on the north end of the ranch and Round Lake on the south end of the ranch are also house several varieties of fish, with a majority being walleye.

If you are interested in hunting or fishing at ABBOTT RANCH, please contact us.


Each year in June, the ABBOTT RANCH crew, plus many family, friends, and visitors, round up the pastures and brand their spring calves. This is an awesome experience for any one wanting to learn more about the cattle industry and is also important time for the calves to be checked, vaccinated, and marked with the double bar on the hind end, also know as the "Britchin" brand.


Round Lake is located on the southern end of ABBOTT RANCH in Cherry County and is private access through the ranch or our neighbors to the south. Fishermen will find a variety of fish here, mostly consisting of walleye. Whether you’re baitcasting, fly fishing or spinning your chances of getting a bite here are good. The lake also serves as a popular recreation area in the summer depending on rainfall. We enjoy to take the boat out and ski, swim, or just hang out with a short trip from the ranch to the lake!


While the big red barn may not seem like much when you drive in, it can be deceiving Carver Abbott (6th generation) is not only a skilled cowboy, but also carpenter, and transformed the top floor, an old hay loft, into a log cabin-esque entertainment room. Visitors and the Abbott crew often enjoy football games on the big screen, games of pool and shuffle board, card tournaments, or just a cold drink after a long day at the barn. We've also held parties with up to 150 people there, including live music and fun and food galore!